Friday, 28 December 2012

1st Drink & Food Centre @ Sabindo Food Stall, Tawau


When you are in Tawau, don't forget to order their fried noodle ("sheng mian") with gravy in any eateries you can find here. You can find this literally in any kind of food outlets, Chinese or Malay Food... with seafood or without, most of them can cook quite well. But out of these cooking, there is another kind of Chinese-style noodle that attracted my attention in Tawau: the "Long Di Meehun" (焦底米粉) in Hakka dialect or translated as the "burnt-bottom meehun".

Ha?!!! Is the meehun really get burnt in the bottom?

Let me explain here: The meehun is first pan-fried with egg until turn crispy and scorched a little at the side, so called "burnt". The gravy is cooked separately with seafood or meat, or mixed of both as you like. This is how it looks like:

"Long Di Meehun" with seafood (RM8)
at 1st Drink & Food Centre, Sabindo, Tawau

So many seafood in this big plate of noodle!
The gravy taste so unique: its sweet!


Very easy to find here, just tell the taxi driver you are going to Sabindo
which located next to the Tawau Bus Terminal for a meal!

My friend told me this is not the original / most famous one. According to him, the original "Long Di Meehun" in Sabindo has moved to somewhere else or maybe, already closed for business. If anyone know this original "Long Di Meehun" in Sabindo which previously run by 2 sisters at their middle age, do let me know OK?


Breakfast & Lunch

Jalan Chen Fook, Sabindo Food Stall, 91000, Tawau, Sabah


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