Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nagisa Japanese Restaurant @ Hyatt Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is never short of Japanese food, don't mentioned those outside the city center, there are at least 6 or 7 Japanese restaurants here. I've already tried all but one -- the Nagisa Japanese Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel Kota Kinabalu. Nagisa was the winner of the Best Restaurant Award (under Hotel Category) in the 2012 KK Food Fest. Taking opportunity to try out their food here, we celebrated our X'mas eve with Japanese food at Nagisa Japanese Restaurant.

Nagisa is the only Japanese Restaurant located in a 5-star hotel in KK. The interior of this restaurant utilize large amount of dark wood giving it a dining experience as close as in Japan! While trying to figure out the decorations, we were warmly greeted by the waiter who led us to our table at the main dining area which is astonishingly spacious in contrast to the narrow entrance! In addition to the main dining area, there are also sushi bar, teppanyaki tables and private dining rooms at Nagisa. 

Sashimi - very fresh and firm with "right" temperature =)

Rather small entrance with traditional Japanese architecture which using
dark wood as the main building material

It's so dark inside there!

Sushi bar near entrance, business travelers can choose to have their
quick meal here

Fresh ingredients in the sushi fridge

Geisha puppet

We ordered a Gyu (beef) Terriyaki Course (RM68) and an Unagi Kabayaki Course (RM78). Every dinner course comes with a small plate of vinegared seafood and cold tofu as starter, a plate of sashimi, a mixed tempura, miso soup, rice and a scope of handmade green tea ice cream as dessert. I liked the vinegared seafood very much, the slightly sour prawn and squid make it a very good appetizer!

Cold tofu

Vinegared seafood

Salmon and tuna Sashimi, with some freshly prepared wasabi

Nagisa's tempura is crispy but not oily~ I once heard tempura not similar to deep frying (furai),
the oil is just a media to cook the food hence a perfect tempura shouldn't be oily on the
surface. I don't know how they make it but only the best Japanese restaurant or those who
follow very strict rules managed to get this kind of tempura


Terriyaki beef - very nice at first bite despite the cut a bit too large

Miso soup

Our X'mas eve dinner at Nagisa perfected with a scope of green tea ice cream


Lunch: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Dinner: 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm


Hyatt Regency Kinabalu
Jalan Datuk Salleh Sulong, 88991,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Archie de Corner @ Kedai Kopi K.S., KK


There are so many low budget western food in Kota Kinabalu, but not with the one offers nice pork chop! My girlfriend BigFish told me that this Archie de Corner has many followers. They are their loyal customers who always keep Archie de Corner in the food list despite this western food stall always relocate. After missing for a few months since early this year, recently I found them in Kedai Kopi K.S., near Taman Cantik, around Lido.

Kedai Kopi K.S. is my favorite spot for breakfast, one of the food stall offers the best Kuching Laksa in town! In the evening, Archie de Corner and a Chu Chap (pork giblets rice) stall take their turn.

Lamb Chop? Ordinary... Beef Steak? Boring... Pork Belly?!!! Yeah!!!

Kedai Kopi K.S. can be seen from Jalan Lintas

Pork Belly (RM20)

Chicken Chop ... so big portion. Only RM16!!!

2 very large whole leg, lightly peppered, deep fried to golden.

Pan grilled 3-layered pork belly, a choice with full of guiltiness

Black pepper sauce dip

Can we share this? HAHA!!!


Dinner only

Taman Cantik, Jalan Lintas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


View Lido, Jalan Lintas in a larger map

Friday, 28 December 2012

1st Drink & Food Centre @ Sabindo Food Stall, Tawau


When you are in Tawau, don't forget to order their fried noodle ("sheng mian") with gravy in any eateries you can find here. You can find this literally in any kind of food outlets, Chinese or Malay Food... with seafood or without, most of them can cook quite well. But out of these cooking, there is another kind of Chinese-style noodle that attracted my attention in Tawau: the "Long Di Meehun" (焦底米粉) in Hakka dialect or translated as the "burnt-bottom meehun".

Ha?!!! Is the meehun really get burnt in the bottom?

Let me explain here: The meehun is first pan-fried with egg until turn crispy and scorched a little at the side, so called "burnt". The gravy is cooked separately with seafood or meat, or mixed of both as you like. This is how it looks like:

"Long Di Meehun" with seafood (RM8)
at 1st Drink & Food Centre, Sabindo, Tawau

So many seafood in this big plate of noodle!
The gravy taste so unique: its sweet!


Very easy to find here, just tell the taxi driver you are going to Sabindo
which located next to the Tawau Bus Terminal for a meal!

My friend told me this is not the original / most famous one. According to him, the original "Long Di Meehun" in Sabindo has moved to somewhere else or maybe, already closed for business. If anyone know this original "Long Di Meehun" in Sabindo which previously run by 2 sisters at their middle age, do let me know OK?


Breakfast & Lunch

Jalan Chen Fook, Sabindo Food Stall, 91000, Tawau, Sabah


View Sabindo, Tawau in a larger map

Thursday, 27 December 2012

[Instagram] Pancake with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup


Good morning. Have you taken your breakfast today?

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

[Instagram] Coffee at Mr. Ho's Fine Food

Good morning!
Nothing much to shout about on Boxing Day in Malaysia...
BTW Mr. Ho's coffee is amaaaazingly good!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

[Instagram] Merry X'mas!!!


Pic: Homemade Heart Shape X'mas Rich Fruit Cake by tomatotree

Buffet Steamboat @ QQ Cafe, Jalan Penampang Bypass, KK


This is a long awaited revisit to this free-flow buffet steamboat restaurant since my last blogged about their delicious Melacca-style Satay Celup, about a year ago. The Satay Celup, however, has been discontinued few months ago. Hence I temporary shut down the review page until my revisit again to avoid incorrect info.

QQ Cafe is located just beside the Penampang Bypass Highway, across the road you can find the Millennium CKS Supermarket and KFC. QQ Cafe offers buffet steamboat in the evening. Pay just RM25 per person and you can enjoy big varieties of seafood, meat, and others, all you can eat! There are 2 hotpot on every table, which you can choose 2 types of soup from the list: Chicken soup, kimchi, tomyam and the new one, tomato soup. 

Some standard ingredients for steamboat!

Fresh seeafood
Steamboat with tomato soup

My mixture of sauces with chilli paste, sweet chilli, sweet bean
paste and sesame oil

Start eating!!!

Deep fried wonton

Fresh Seafood

Do-your-own BBQ~

Meow asked for free food =)

Lastly, free flow soft serve cones!!!

FOODIOT'S POINT: 79% (Good for those who has big appetite; a place for quantity)

Lunch (Noodle only)
Dinner (Buffet Steamboat) 


Lot8, Ground Floor, 
Damas 118 Plaza, Inter Corner, 
Jalan Penampang By-pass, 
88200 Penampang, Kota Kinabalu


View Damas 118 Plaza in a larger map

QQ Cafe Satay Celup @ Jalan Penampang Bypass, KK


Now you can eat Melaka signature food Satay Celup in KK too!

The newly opened Cafe QQ at Damas 118 Plaza just opposite the Grand Millennium Plaza, Jalan Penampang Bypass (Jalan Pintas Penampang) offered something different to food lover here. For those who never try Satay Celup, this is actually a skewer of meat or seafood, like a stick of "lok-lok", but instead of cooking in boiling water, we dipped the skewer in a pot of boiling peanut sauce.

Yes, peanut sauce. Like the satay sauce, but thinner.

How's the taste? I've just tried the original version in Melaka last month when my girl friend & I went there for vacation. However, after waited for more than an hour on the queue we simply lost the appetite. Some more the herbs in the peanut sauce was way too strong until covered every other taste. What a big disappointment for us on the legendary Satay Celup.
Despite this unpleasant experience, BigFish & I decided to give it a try at Cafe QQ's Satay Celup after we saw the big banner outside the restaurant: The 1st Satay Celup in East Malaysia! And Cafe QQ convinced us that Satay Celup is still good. We will definately give it a try again. Now let's see how Satay Celup looks like:

 You can see this from the Grand Millennium Plaza (CKS Supermarket)
 Stuffed crab with minced pork
 A lot of choices from seafood to meat
 I like the sauces too! Chillis and sweet sauce
 Fresh prawn and crab
 We tried the crab and its still very fresh. You can taste the difference if they use frozen crab.
 Ms. BigFish and I
 Second round!
 This is how Satay Celup looks like!
Roasted peanut in the sauce. It tend to turn salty after awhile, I got no idea why.

QQ Cafe offers buffet style Satay Celup and steamboat for RM22 per person. Worth it but try to avoid peak hour! An advice to the boss: Try to control the work flow, customer never expect the word "finish" at early hour (btw it was just 7.30pm!). Although in a good manner, it disappoint people.
Oh ya, they are on Facebook too!

Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 13/20
Environment: 17/20
Service: 16/20
Price: 17/20


Lot8, Ground Floor,
Damas 118 Plaza, Inter Corner,
Jalan Penampang By-pass,
88200 Penampang,
Kota Kinabalu

View QQ Cafe Satay Celup in a larger map


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