Saturday, 17 November 2012

H84 Food Stall @ Sim-Sim Village, Sandakan


There are 3 restaurants in Sim-sim Floating Village, Sandakan. I ever blogged about the Sim-sim seafood restaurant here, which opens from morning til late evening. This one, that I am going to talk about only serves breakfast and early lunch. Its called by its house number: No. H84.

Unlike the other 2, H84 is truly the restaurant runner's home. Patrons eating at their living area during the day; at night, its where the children writing home work and the adults watching TV or playing Mah Jong. I am very sure they did play Mah Jong because during one of my visit to H84, my table was eventually the Mah Jong table, without the cubic and tokens of course.

The drinks here is really "gao" (thick), satisfactory!

Hakka Chu Cheong Fun

Very good sambal belacan

Dao Ma Qie (刀麻切) or the noodle-cut, quite similar to Pan Mee (板面)
but easily differentiate them: 1) The noodle's texture - Dao Ma Qie is more
sloppy as compared to Pan Mee. 2) Dao Ma Qie don't serve with Ikan Bilis.

Kon Lo Spring Noodle (弹弓面, pronouce "Dan Gong Mian" in Hakka)

H84 is good at laksa as well, but not the best one...

H84's signature: Fried Bread with Prawn, with lots of sesame and Mayo.

H84 Food Stall, please see the map below for direction.


Sim-sim Floating Village, Sandakan

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