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[Blogger Invite] Noble House Dim Sum and Chinese Cuisine at Nexus Resort Karambunai, Sabah

Thanks to the nature of my job as a sales representative, I have many opportunities to try out different food and restaurant when I travel around. In Malaysia, it has been our practice to take care of our clients' stomach, which then will be the time the potential customer stay out of their hectic life and think what is best solution for them or their company...

"TIPU-LAH~~You are just taking OPPORTUNITY to EAT while WORK!"


Very often for me to bring my clients or suppliers to some famous eateries around town, however, sometimes I do running out of choice! I usually went to a Halal Dim Sum at a hotel in town but recently the level of food quality has dropped tremendously. The price tag is not cheap, too!

Last weekend I joined this Blogger Invite lunch Dim Sum session at the Noble House, the Chinese restaurant at Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai. Nexus is one of the best 5 Star Resort in Kota Kinabalu north, situated just 45min drive from KK town overseeing the South China Sea. In the restaurant, we were warmly greeted by the restaurant's manager Ms. Siew Ling and the team. I was attracted to a dragon sculpture which "flying over" above the diners!

We were presented their best and most popular Dim Sum and Chef's Specialty dishes. For the Dim Sum part, we tried Crystal Prawn Dumpling, Scallop Dumplings, Chicken Cheong Fun, Steamed BBQ Chicken Bun, Shrimp Toast and others. At the same time, Ms. Siew Ling also introduced us with the restaurant's famous Peking Duck, Orange Prawn etc...

The Peking Duck was carefully cut by the chef, with a little bit of meat attached to the skin, just in front of us! For your interest, with just RM110+, you will be served with 2 courses of duck: First, the Peking Duck, which diner wrap the duck skin with some cucumber, shallot cut and chilli in the thin egg skin. Second course is a choice of Sauteed Minced Duck with Lettuce, Sauteed Shredded Duck with Capsicum, Black Pepper Sauce, or Stirred Fried Shredded Duck with Fragrant Salt.

Roasted Peking Duck

Si-fu cutting the duck skin

Here it go!


The 3-Companions of Peking Duck: (left, clockwise) cucumber, chilli and scallion cut

Put all together
Only the skin and the attached duck meat was served during the first coarse.
For the second course, we were served "Minced Duck with Lettuce".

Trust me, the taste is so nice and refreshing due to the big piece of lettuce

We were brought to another bigger banquet room because the first table was too small. Not too small actually to fit 6 of us with an ordinary meal but we were served 20++  bamboo basket and plates of dim sum!

BBQ Chicken Chong Fun (RM6/plate)

Chicken & Prawn Dumplings (aka Siew Mai) (RM6/4pcs)

Steamed BBQ Chicken Pao (RM6/3pcs)

Yam Dumpling (RM6/3pcs)
This Yam Dumpling was quite unique of its kind: the Yam is sweet!

Scallop Dumplings (RM11.00/3pcs)
Definitely value the money as the scallop and prawn was so big!
Crystal Prawn Dumpling (RM8.50/4pcs)

The skin's transparent can see the prawn inside!

Chicken Leg (RM6)

Shrimp Toast (RM6/3pcs)

Yong Zhao Fried Rice

At first everyone thought the fried rice was just as plain as the one we usually
get nearly the end of a banquet, but this bowl at Noble House was really different!
It taste very very good which was quite a surprise of the day!

All prawn served in Noble House were big & fresh, which reflects how
serious they are in maintaining the top quality of food. As their name suggest:
to provide diners a "noble" quality of dining experience.

Cod Fish in 2 types of cooking

Sizzling Beef

Dessert Time: Our "multiple" courses dim sum and signature food at Noble House summed up with 2 types of dessert. Both equally good, I preferred the Shanghai Pancake very much due to the crispy but not too oily pancake skin!

Shanghai Pancake (RM8)
Very crispy outside and sweet inside

Refreshing cool Mango Pudding with Milk (RM8)
Despite being one of the most luxury resort in town, Nexus's very own HALAL Chinese Restaurant, the Noble House offers Dim Sum and other Chinese cuisine at a very reasonable price. If we were billed for Dim Sum ONLY, it was approximately RM35 per pax including tax and charges. Great deal!

Session One:
11:30am to 2:30pm (Monday to Saturday)
10:00am to 2:30pm (Sunday and public holiday)

Session Two:-
6:30pm to 10:30pm (Daily)


Nexus Karambunai Resort & Spa, Level 1

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Suyue said...

I'm Nichole.
After read from your food blog, the catchy words and pictures attract me so much, where I decided to invite you to my hotel's Food Testing Day. Would you like to join us?

It is on 6th December 2012, 3pm at my working place, which Borneo Cove Hotel, Sandakan.

I was wanted to PM you abaout this, but I couldn't fing your contact no or email address, so i'll just let you know here.

Just for your information, food to be served on that day are free, where the menu is based on the first ever event that will be hold in my hotel soon.

News reporters and other famous food bloggers are attending to that event as well.

Hope to hear you soon, so that I can add you to my guests list.

Nichole (
Borneo Cove Hotel

Frankie H said...

Hi Nichole,
Thanks for your invitation to your hotel's tasting session, sadly I am traveling to Tawau on that day for some work. Sorry I can't attend. Hope to stay at your hotel someday later.



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