Saturday, 13 October 2012

[Invited] Sneak Preview of the Bomber's Burger @ Gaya Street, KK

Thanks to Monica from Everydayfoodilove for the invitation to EAT FOR FREE at the Sneak Preview of the yet-to-open Bomber's Burger. This is an Old-American themed restaurant & bar opening soon at Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu, offering "traditional" American menu such as burgers  and hot dogs, mostly barbecued. We enjoyed the Jalepeno Poppers- a deep fried cream cheese-stuffed chilli and their 2-tiers XL-size beef burger!

Free sexy girl t-shirt :P

The main dish

The pluses: caramelized onion & lots of vegetables to reduce the guilty :)

Can I finish this? As lunch?

The bomb!

The boss...

Set to open by the end of Oct 2012... Will come again for a proper food review!

No. 111, Jalan Gaya,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia
(Near Party Play Gaya Street)

017-862 9288


Anonymous said...

I've tried the beef burger yesterday and to be honest, the patty is just so-so. There is something that they put into the burger that makes it a little bit smelly. I don't know what it is and the odor kept stuck in my throat for a whole day. Also, i'm not sure whether this place has pork or not in its menu, because there are certain item in the menu that sound suspicious to me like ham, bacon and chorizo. Can somebody please clarify this?

Frankie H said...

Hi Anonymous! Did you find out about the ingredients from the waiter/waitress? Whether its Halal or not Halal? Oh ya... i must agree with u the taste of the patty and sauce is very very strong! I got no idea what are they too but I kinda like it. BTW thanks for reading FoodiotKK :)

Anonymous said...

hi footiotKK like ur blog a lot just been to this place lastweek and the decor look smart the food look good to eat but the beef burger taste like it's been defrosted and microwave then pan fried not charcoal grilled my kids can't even chew it as its so chewy hard to digest , anyway keep up the good work and looking forward to read more of ur adventure

Frankie H said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting foodiotkk and your sharing of ur latest experience in this restaurant. I will make sure I will re-visit again this shop and to give a up-to-date food review!


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