Sunday, 23 September 2012

Samurai Beef Burger @ McDonalds

Couple of days ago I saw this ad on FB:

The new Samurai Beef Burger with Sakura McFizz and Katsu Curry McShaker fries

Look at the lettuce and patty, so tempting....

So I decided to bring my girlfriend to try out the new burger yesterday. We went to the McD at Api-api Centre. Every evening, especially during weekend this particular area in KK town always occupied by youngsters, "lepak-ing" (hang out) or just doing nothing.

Considering Samurai Beef Burger is just newly launched, most of the people here in the restaurant was ordering this new burger. I ordered 1 Large Samurai Beef Burger Meal with the limited edition Sakura McFizz (RM12.45) for myself, and an à la carte Samurai Beef Burger (RM8.65).

So... here the real look of the Samurai Beef Burger

The burger was called Samurai simply because the beef patty was dipped in the
Japanese-origin teriyaki sauce, not because the Samurai invented the burger
nor the sauce made by a Samurai, which is scary if they really do.

This red-colored carbonated drink called Sakura McFizz is a mixture of
Ribena and Sprite, but there is no Ribena taste.

Katsu Curry McShaker Fries, taste like our Childhood snack Twisties.
The name suggested its not Japanese-origin because it make no sense
to me. Katsu generally refer to "cutlet", for example, Chicken-katsu
means chicken cutlet and tonkatsu means pork cutlet, but how can you
cut a curry? So it should be called (which might be wrong)
"Potato Katsu Curry McShakers", HAHA!!!

Conclusion: The beef patty was well cooked and flavored in sweet teriyaki (a kind of Japanese soy sauce), however the portion is too small. Considering the price (RM8.65) I can simply get a Double Cheese Burger (RM7.65) or a QuarterPounder (RM8.45). I can even get them during McValue Lunch or Dinner, its much cheaper, which is not available for the Samurai's version. Not really worth the value for that additional of teriyaki sauce but good to just try out if you are a fans of burger because its just for a limited time only!


LOCATION: Nationwide's McDonald outlets

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