Sunday, 26 August 2012

Handmade Story Cafe @ Damai Point, KK

I love cafe. I love coffee.

I have a dream that KK is becoming a place like Bangkok, Taipei or Sydney, cities that impressed me the most, personally, in their quality of coffee and cafes. However, let's face the fact that cafe is never our culture, Kopitiam yes. That's why Old Town and other copycats is catching up the numbers of  Starbucks Coffee or CBTL in recent years, people prefer to spend time chatting loudly about their personal issues like no strangers around them in the expense of few Ringgit.

I found out this cafe from someone's FB status, I couldn't recall. Handmade Story Cafe is just open merely 2 weeks ago at Damai Point, just behind Yoyo Cafe and the opening-soon Zen-Q Cafe. Its hiding inside the commercial area so do try to look for the wooden signboard of "Homemade Story".

Formerly known as La Fetta in Lintas Station (read my blog entry HERE if you can read Chinese), Handmade Story Cafe inherits the tasty beverage with a big upgrade (I supposed? Because the menu is totally different now!). This cafe is co-owned by a few friends, all young and ambitious: can you believe that all dining tables in the cafe was built by them using recycled woods!

Handmade Story, just behind Yoyo Cafe

Interior: They are selling some art items too~

Menu - all handmade!

Story wall

The owner (head chef) is good in cakes and breads


Beautiful Menu

Seafood Risotto, only RM15!

This is the special one! Kung Pao Pizza (from the idea of Kung Pao Chicken)

They offer a few types of sodas, this is one of them...

Here another 2 sodas, I can only remember
Cucumber Plum Soda (M I rite?)


They brew from illy Coffee!

Tomyam Pasta - Spicy!

Seafood Risotto - its so cheesy I finished it all in just a few minutes!

Prawn, yum yum~~

Curry Noodle - my friend from North Peninsular said
the flavour is not as thick as her kampong's.... XD

Kung Pao Chicken Pizza - Very creative fusion!

Very cheesy, that's why I liked it! The pizza base sauce is made from a blend
of dried chilli and garlic, that's where the name comes from^^

Green Tea Cheesecake

Me and the co-owner, Joanne

Yes, I was here!

(Cleverly mix of ingredients; wish to see more choice for the mains & finger food in the future)

9.30am - 11.00pm

Damai Point (Damai commercial area with gated parking)
Behind Yoyo Cafe and ZenQ Cafe


View Damai Point in a larger map



Yanie said...

are this restaurant suitable for muslims?? i'm just curios and would like to try the foods there.

KL said...

this cafe already closed down.


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