Monday, 16 April 2012

Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant @ Waterfront Esplanade, KK

Almost two months of absence from FoodiotKK after being so occupied with works and personal activities, if this is an online business surely it can be translated as a failure. Obviously another problem along with such delay in posting a food review is: my memory of that particular food / restaurant might no longer as accurate as it should be. This post is the best example I can give as I can hardly remember the name of the dishes nor the price tag though I just came here merely 2 months ago!

If you like spicy food definitely can't miss Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant at KK Waterfront (also called Waterfront Esplanade, not sure which one is official). This restaurant is listed by many travel websites including Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor, and of course reviews by many food bloggers. So for my birthday celebration last February, my girl friend BigFish suggested Kohinoor. Authentic Indian cuisine is always my favorite and never have it since the close-down of  Jaiho Bollywood Cafe, so without a doubt I agreed with the suggestion.

BigFish & I

Beautiful sunset at Waterfront KK
The Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant
Inside the restaurant

The chefs

Tandoori chicken

We ordered set dinner (around RM140 for 2pax), 4 glasses of soft drink or mango lassi are included

Appetizer is some kind of fried vegetables, quite similar to tempura but this one got a hint of spice
Waiting for more food!

They have shisha if you want

Another appetizer: Tandoori chicken
Starting below, I really cannot remember the name of these dishes except the Spinach Paneer...

Dish no.1 (Butter Chicken?)

Dish no.2

Dish no.3: Spinach Paneer, very rich in cheese!

Dish no.4

Garlic Naan

Yogurt, for dipping

Very full & satisfied, thanks to Kohinoor and my dear for bringing me here!

Excellent food, good restaurant setting and location.
Average spending = around RM70 per person


Lot 4, Waterfront Esplanade,
Kota Kinabalu

(NOTE: Waterfront is an area just opposite Warisan Square Shopping Centre with a stretch of restaurants, bars and cafes along the seaside which provides both open air and indoor seating.)


Indian restaurant said...

Yes, dish no 1 is butter chicken for sure. Dish no 2 I'm not sure too :)
Dish no 3 is palak paneer and dish no 4 looks like a jafrezi dish. The garlic naan looks really good and the yoghurt for dipping is Raita, but it is not for dipping it is for reducing the spiceness of some dishes :) The food looks very good and like authentic Indian food.

Frankie H said...

Hi there! Thanks for pointing out! =)

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