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My Secret Recipe: Fried Prawn Coated with Salted Egg

Fried Prawn Coated with Salted Egg

Fried prawn is always an all time favourite and a perfect dish when you are serving children too. I still remember how excited was I when I was small everytime I visited my mom-side grandmother, one of the dishes popo made was this--- fried prawn. It was the memory that will never fade away, the taste and flavour that serve as the proof how my popo loves us. Miss you.
 Then, when I grown up I always got chance to taste Crab or prawn in Salted Egg, very delicious, and almost every eateries came out with slightly different taste and texture. I believe its the way of preparation and the ingredient that made the different. So, without seeing a recipe, I am using my observation in the past, my memory, and my instint about how to prepare the fried prawn coated with salted egg.    

Part A = prawn, pepper, salt, corn flour
Part B = 2 salted eggs (yolk only), 3 big spoon of butter, 5 strips of curry leaf, 5 slices of fresh ginger, 1 clove of garlic, salt & pepper to taste 

Method and Discussion: 

Step one. Clean and peel off the shell of the prawn, remember to remove the intestine. Put in the remaining of Part A which are salt & pepper to taste, marinate for about an hour. Just before you deep fry the prawn, pat dry it on the corn flour, so that the prawn is lightly coated.
Fried prawn

2 salted egg yolk, steamed for 10 min, and crushed using folk.
Part of ingredient B: ginger, garlic and curry leaf

Melt the butter, then add in all ingredient in Part B. Sauteed until the mixture bubbles. I am not kidding here, the salted egg bubbles after a while, and this is the timing to add in the prawn.

OK, almost done!

A bit too dry, can be improved by adding more butter (6 big spoon instead of 3) and more egg yolk (3 instead of 2). Should buy larger prawn eg. tiger prawn which has better texture (but more expensive la!). In my opinion, do not leave the prawn shell on because this will prevent flavouring. Should put in some cili padi for a spicier kick.

Recipe's Intensity (1=easy, 5=hard): 3/5
Cooking Time: Aprox. 30min 
Home cooking is fun!

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