Sunday, 18 September 2011

Upperstar Steak & Chicken Restaurant @ Lintas, KK

Looking for a steakhouse with quality food? Perhaps you are planning a romantic dinner with your love one for a cheap price in KK? Or simply a quick lunch with your colleagues or clients and don't want to sauna yourself in the hot kopitiam? I found these criteria fit Upperstar nicely, they (KK Town, Damai, Lintas... ) are air conditioned with WiFi connectivity and the light is dimmed creating good time for two, if you don't mind the usually high note created by the patrons here.

Upperstar first opened in Segama area just opposite Burger King but now they are expanding and took over the neighbouring unit! When I first saw I thought it was just a Irish bar then realised that their steak are equally good that people might just come for food. During my days in Uni I love bar food so much as they are usually cheaper than restaurant and the portion is usually bigger too. So it came to my imagination that Upperstar run by the similar concept! But its not so true.

Unlike their HQ, Upperstar Damai and Lintas are more family friendly, or should I said, Muslim friendly. They attract more family diners as there is no significant bar, and the indoor dining area is non-smoking zone. Although liqueur and beer menu still there but like many other excellent restaurant in KK, they only use Halal certified meat. Your choice.

Upperstar Lintas, same row as Yoyo Cafe

Penne with Chicken (RM7.95) *cheap*

Chocolate Smoothie (RM6.95) Taste is alright, just the cream on top was squeezed so ugly


Curry Chicken Rice (RM6.50)
They are good with Local Food as well


OMG Monalisa smiled at me!

Baked Mushroom Soup (RM5.95) Thanks god its not boring Cambell soup

Chicken Cheese Burger (RM7.80)

Lamb Chop with African Sauce (RM15.90)

Their Nasi Lemak King is good as well, serves with Satay and Curry Chicken, it is available in the Lunch Set Menu. Not the best nasi lemak though but OK-lah~~~

Foods: 16/20
Drinks: 16/20
Environment: 17/20 (Nice decoration but too noisy especially in the evening)
Service: 15/20 (Too many patron too less attendance; waiting time = between 15 - 30min )
Price: 19/20 (Reasonably cheap eat) 


088-233636 (Lintas) 

Upperstar Steak & Chicken Restaurant
Lot 97 - 99, Ground Floor,
Lintas Plaza, Phase 2C,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


View Lintas Plaza in a larger map


Anonymous said...

this cafe is halal or non-halal?

Frankie H said...

This restaurant serves no pork :)

Anonymous said...

fyi. they serve alcohol

Anonymous said...

Have you been to Texas in Segama ? Lamb steak, mushroom soup and tiger prawns are very good.

Ara-Narashi said...

Sorry to say...
But I have bad experience with Upperstar that located at Suria Sabah Kota Kinabalu...
Im go ate with my friends because all people say that this the best restaurant. But when we come there Im so surprise because there are a lot of customer.So we got take the turn and sat for the "Q"...
That ok for me and after we got our table. We just order for 2 Spaghetti Carbonara, 2 Fishfillet burger and chips, Cheese Cake, Chocolate cake and a jug of Long Island(Alcohol)for 3 person. Im so excited for waiting and the FishFillet Burger come first but the spaghetti carbonara still not on the table yet and we keep waiting for its.After 35 min the waiter come and asking if the food was been serve and we say the spaghetti carbonara we waiting for that. After 15 min the spaghetti was serve and Im ate...I feel so mad!The Spaghetti was over cook and the sauce taste like over cook and burnt to.Im been ate Spaghetti from im still kid and this the WORSE spaghetti that I ever ate!After that the Fishfillet burger and chips also so tasteless. I just cant ate food like that and just call the waiter for send its back. The Cheese cake just taste like orange cake but the chocolate cake so wonderful. The drinks is ok ok...not really I drinks before. So the total that we got to pay was RM 100++ with 16% service. Im not really care about the bill if the food are wonderful and good...but this the first and last i will go there. Sorry this was my experience with Upperstar.


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