Saturday, 17 September 2011

Twinsky Seafood Restaurant @ Sedco Complex, KK

There are no other state in Malaysia so famous for their seafood. Sabah, a place surrounded by sea not only got a lot of seafood restaurants under her territory, but also a renowned seafood exporter in Asia. Since I live in KK I always got chance to sample fresh seafood from many restaurants but most of the time, I visits Twinsky a.k.a Shuang Tain Seafood Restaurant.

Twinsky (read Twin-sky, not Twins-key) Seafood Restaurant (双天海鲜楼) is ideally located at Sedco Complex, just 5 min walking distance from Central Point Shopping Centre or 15 min from the KK's backpackers' heaven, the Gaya Street. Sedco Complex got 4 seafood restaurants under the same roof, so expect fierce competition between the waiter / waitress here. They will do many things to attract your attention (and your footsteps) while you pass-by their "area" including critics their competitors, HAHAHA!!!

Like many other seafood restaurant at tourist spot / town center, Twinsky is totally pork-free. So no worries our Muslim friend who just love seafood like me. The only things you need to watch out is.... your cholesterol level  =P

Fresh oyster available here but the fact is, oyster from local water (including from Philippines) cannot beat the texture and thickness of Pacific Oyster. Fresh oyster with lemon and special sauce (RM8 each)

Clam cooked with Lobak, very tasty!

Boiled "Ming" prawn - totally preserve the freshness of prawn, lightly sweet and chewy. Order 1kg for 3-4 person (around RM30/kg, seasonal price)

Opened since year 1983!!!

Steamed Geoduck in Garlic and Clear Broth

Braised Fish Head in Claypot

A lots more to try it won't disappoint you!

Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 15/20
Environment: 17/20
Service: 17/20 
Price: 17/20


3pm - 1.30am 


Twin-Sky Seafood Restaurant
Lot 12, Block A, Jalan Kampung Air, Sedco Complex,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.


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