Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Restoran Baba & Nyonya Recipe @ Grand Millennium Plaza, KK

I seldom eat here because its always packed with people during rush hour (and difficult parking) but during off hours, like a sunny late afternoon, Restoran Baba & Nyonya Recipe definitely a perfect spot for cooling down a bit from the hot sun.

We tried the Nyonya Cendol and ABC, both are very Malaysian's alternative to gelato or ice cream. Let's the pictures speak for me:

BigFish n the ice cool desserts~


Nyonya Cendol

The restaurant
Personally I preferred Restoran Baba & Nyonya Recipe's Cendol over their ABC because of the taste. The ABC was quite plain unlike the cendol, full of gula Melaka and the aromatic santan! Simply delicious! However they still got room to improve by making sure that the cendol strips are not frozen when served.

Foods: 21/25 (Must try their Nyonya Cendol!)
Drinks: N/A
Environment: 18/25
Service: 20/25
Price: 20/25

10am - 10pm

Block E, Lot 34, Ground Floor, Grand Millennium Plaza,
Jalan Pintas-Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(Besides Krishna's Fish Head Curry House)


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Saturday, 24 September 2011

88 Degrees Cafe @ 88 Marketplace, KK

Yet another good food outlet at the new 88 Marketplace commercial centre, 88 Degrees Cafe is yet to launch officially, their signboard still covered in red cloth the day we makan there. I managed to have a few words with the owner+chef, Eddy, a young chap who know how to cook and make cakes. I had tried few of their food and coffee so my next plan will be the cake :-D

Iced Cappuccino

Iced Coffee
The coffee taste so strong thanks to the espresso maker :)

I almost bought this for my house, too^^

Bags of coffee bean

Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce

Fish & Chip
I like the crisp outer layer but maybe a little bit more tartar would be better

Cheese Baked Mussel... Hmm...

Lamb Chop
Well marinated meat and was cooked just nice retaining the juicy part with a little bit of attached fat. Distinction!

Can you guess what is this? Meat ball spaghetti.... !!

Still covered in red cloth...

Foods: 16/20 (Lamb chop and fish & chip should deserved higher mark but was even out by the mussel & meat ball )
Drinks: 17/20 (No complain about the coffee, like it!)
Environment: 15/20 (A bit blank, maybe still new)
Service: 15/20
Price: 17/20


Sunday til Thursday: 10am-11pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am-12midnight


Lot G6, Block B, Marketplace 88,
Jalan Pintas Penampang,
Kepayan, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Borneo 1945 Museum Kopitiam @ KK

It was a weekend morning and I was alone looking for some very simple food before badminton game, near Istana Kota Kinabalu, official residence of our YDN. The nearest area I could think of was the Australian Place and I remember that the Borneo 1945 Museum Kopitiam do serves good breakfast & lunch. I just need a piece of bread and coffee anyway...

Just a brief here, Borneo 1945 Museum Kopitiam was only in the business since merely 10 years ago, what make this place so special is that the building itself. Back in 1945, this area was the camp site of the Alliance (Australian, NZ, British and some locals) before the Japanese destroyed everything. Post-war, exactly where this cafe stood now the first concrete building was erected. This building initially served as a printing press (and you still can see this area still got many priniting house!) before adopted to other functions, and finally a backpackers and kopitiam.

Very simple breakfast with half-boiled egg and toast, and a cup of coffee

They rent bicycle

Vintage radio and stuff....

Lots of historical stories to be shared on the wall, as this is a museum cafe

Commercialize the old place...Is this the best way to preserve historical building (and their stories?)

Foods: 16/20
Drinks: 15/20
Environment: 16/20
Service: 17/20
Price: 17/20 


7.30am - 12midnight (Close on Sunday)

019 8833829

No. 24, Jalan Dewan,
88801 Kota Kinabalu
(Also known as The Australian Place, 5 min walk from Gaya Street)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Upperstar Steak & Chicken Restaurant @ Lintas, KK

Looking for a steakhouse with quality food? Perhaps you are planning a romantic dinner with your love one for a cheap price in KK? Or simply a quick lunch with your colleagues or clients and don't want to sauna yourself in the hot kopitiam? I found these criteria fit Upperstar nicely, they (KK Town, Damai, Lintas... ) are air conditioned with WiFi connectivity and the light is dimmed creating good time for two, if you don't mind the usually high note created by the patrons here.

Upperstar first opened in Segama area just opposite Burger King but now they are expanding and took over the neighbouring unit! When I first saw I thought it was just a Irish bar then realised that their steak are equally good that people might just come for food. During my days in Uni I love bar food so much as they are usually cheaper than restaurant and the portion is usually bigger too. So it came to my imagination that Upperstar run by the similar concept! But its not so true.

Unlike their HQ, Upperstar Damai and Lintas are more family friendly, or should I said, Muslim friendly. They attract more family diners as there is no significant bar, and the indoor dining area is non-smoking zone. Although liqueur and beer menu still there but like many other excellent restaurant in KK, they only use Halal certified meat. Your choice.

Upperstar Lintas, same row as Yoyo Cafe

Penne with Chicken (RM7.95) *cheap*

Chocolate Smoothie (RM6.95) Taste is alright, just the cream on top was squeezed so ugly


Curry Chicken Rice (RM6.50)
They are good with Local Food as well


OMG Monalisa smiled at me!

Baked Mushroom Soup (RM5.95) Thanks god its not boring Cambell soup

Chicken Cheese Burger (RM7.80)

Lamb Chop with African Sauce (RM15.90)

Their Nasi Lemak King is good as well, serves with Satay and Curry Chicken, it is available in the Lunch Set Menu. Not the best nasi lemak though but OK-lah~~~

Foods: 16/20
Drinks: 16/20
Environment: 17/20 (Nice decoration but too noisy especially in the evening)
Service: 15/20 (Too many patron too less attendance; waiting time = between 15 - 30min )
Price: 19/20 (Reasonably cheap eat) 


088-233636 (Lintas) 

Upperstar Steak & Chicken Restaurant
Lot 97 - 99, Ground Floor,
Lintas Plaza, Phase 2C,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Twinsky Seafood Restaurant @ Sedco Complex, KK

There are no other state in Malaysia so famous for their seafood. Sabah, a place surrounded by sea not only got a lot of seafood restaurants under her territory, but also a renowned seafood exporter in Asia. Since I live in KK I always got chance to sample fresh seafood from many restaurants but most of the time, I visits Twinsky a.k.a Shuang Tain Seafood Restaurant.

Twinsky (read Twin-sky, not Twins-key) Seafood Restaurant (双天海鲜楼) is ideally located at Sedco Complex, just 5 min walking distance from Central Point Shopping Centre or 15 min from the KK's backpackers' heaven, the Gaya Street. Sedco Complex got 4 seafood restaurants under the same roof, so expect fierce competition between the waiter / waitress here. They will do many things to attract your attention (and your footsteps) while you pass-by their "area" including critics their competitors, HAHAHA!!!

Like many other seafood restaurant at tourist spot / town center, Twinsky is totally pork-free. So no worries our Muslim friend who just love seafood like me. The only things you need to watch out is.... your cholesterol level  =P

Fresh oyster available here but the fact is, oyster from local water (including from Philippines) cannot beat the texture and thickness of Pacific Oyster. Fresh oyster with lemon and special sauce (RM8 each)

Clam cooked with Lobak, very tasty!

Boiled "Ming" prawn - totally preserve the freshness of prawn, lightly sweet and chewy. Order 1kg for 3-4 person (around RM30/kg, seasonal price)

Opened since year 1983!!!

Steamed Geoduck in Garlic and Clear Broth

Braised Fish Head in Claypot

A lots more to try it won't disappoint you!

Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 15/20
Environment: 17/20
Service: 17/20 
Price: 17/20


3pm - 1.30am 


Twin-Sky Seafood Restaurant
Lot 12, Block A, Jalan Kampung Air, Sedco Complex,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.


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Friday, 16 September 2011

UNDILAH - A Public Service Announcement Project

Dear foodiots! Check this out! It's about voting. Many artises / politician / students / tycoon / people involved in this projects. They are same with you. They are same with us. We are RAKYAT Malaysia. As what Kuli said: "Ingat lah, walau apapun terjadi, Malaysia ni negara anda. Ia NEGARA KITA, ia memang BANYAK MASALAH. Malaysia perlukan kita semua."
Have you register your rights? Undilah!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kahve Cafe @ 1Borneo, KK ***CLOSED***

Just found that Kahve Cafe in 1Borneo actually is a chain restaurant from elsewhere in West Malaysia and after checked on to their FB page, I was shocked to learn that I actually visited one of their branch / HQ in Kuchai Lama few years ago! I can still remember the deco was all in white including their furnitures & dishes, and they have many choices of lunch sets. Big variety of food i mean.

Kahve Cafe in 1Borneo was just shifted to a new place near 1B's Autocity, still under the same roof of 1 Borneo. Its near to the popular Ice Bar. Let me post some photo up first before my next visit again.

Not only ordinary pizza, they do have vegan pizza

Smiling Fish

Cool man~

Fish Burger (RM8.90)

Baked Pasta

This is the old one....

Foods: 15/20 
Drinks: 13/20 (We ordered Chocolate Milk Shake but its too watery, no-no)
Environment: 17/20 (Not bad for the old one, dunno how's the new one) 
Service: 11/20 (Bad service) 
Price: 17/20 (reasonably cheap) 



G-919, Ground Floor,
1Borneo Hypermall Autocity,
Jalan Sualman, 88450 Kota Kinabalu
(Near Ice Bar)


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Monday, 5 September 2011

Restoran Vui Kee @ Kunak, Sabah

Kunak is a tiny little town situated on the East shore of Sabah, merely 80KM away from Tawau, all surrounded by nothing else but palm tree. However everytime I pass by Kunak I was attracted by the big prawn statue at one of the round-about here. This must be related to the town, as one of their income source other than palm oil plantation and industry. Then it came to a oppurtunity for me to clarify it when I visited Restoran Vui Kee, a seafood restaurant at Kunak. I was told that not far from here there are a numbers of prawn farms, which already become one of the major supplies of tiger or yellow prawn in Sabah! OK, lets taste the freshness of local grown prawn today =)

Vui Kee is located at Kunak Square... hmm... how do I describe this place? Maybe to say that there is a row of shop house near a junction between Federal Road A5 which connects Tawau and Lahad Datu, and the road to Kunak Town. Another clue is, this place is not far from the Kunak Hospital.

Prawn cooked in butter sauce, no complain because the prawn are really fresh and don't have the annoying smell of "baja ikan" (fish feed)!

Free range chicken, very meaty and chewy. Nice!

According to my client, there are two seafood restaurant here at Kunak, and Vui Kee is the only one "pork free". Good news for my muslim friends, definitely a good one =)


Foods: 23/25 (Good for the prawn, above average for the rest)

Drinks: N/A (Chinese teh-ping don't count lor~)
Environment: 20/25 (Clean)
Service: 22/25 (Friendly, helpful)
Price: 23/25 (3 dishes for 2 person, RM45)



Restoran Vui Kee 威记海鲜餐厅
Lot 2375, Kunak Square,
91207 Kunak, Sabah


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Sunday, 4 September 2011

English Tea House and Restaurant @ Kota Kinabalu ***CLOSED***

English Tea House from Sandakan now opened their branch in KK just beside KK Jesselton Point. I never been to the original one in Sandakan, but they are very famous among tourists (not too sure though about locals?) because the restaurant is just located beneath the Agnes Keith House.

To understand more about Agnes Keith, please ask Mr. Wiki.

So we visited the English Tea House in KK. You may asked if they serve English afternoon tea and scones here? The answer is a definitely yes! I know here is Malaysia (& Sabah) so English afternoon tea and scones is never our culture, but who cares where they get the customers since they survive in Sandakan since 2002!


English Afternoon Tea & Scones set
Potato Pocket with Yellow Bean toppings

Fish & Chips
Foods: 15/20 (Slightly above average for the Fish & Chips, SoSo for the patato)
Drinks: 15/20 (We ordered ice lemon tea, not in picture)
Environment: 14/20 (They are trying to make it with British Colonial style but just not enough)
Service: 16/20 
Price: 16/20 (Reasonably priced) 

10am - 10pm (Daily) 



 No.5, Jalan Gaya, 88000, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
(Near Jesselton Point and next to Cock & Bull Bistro) 


View Jesselton Point in a larger map


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