Saturday, 27 August 2011

Mee Tamparuli @ Kedai Makan dan Kopi Keng Swee Hing, Tamparuli

Some people telling me mee tamparuli and mee tuaran are different, I can't agree unless somebody can show me the real mee tamparuli haha! The noodle are similar: first, they are famous for "hand-made" (nah~~don't bluff me!!!), the noodle are egg noodle, and springy. Even mee tuaran from different stall taste different depends on the way they cook, but the core -- the noodle is more or less similar.

Me and BigFish drove up to Tamparuli, the little township where travellers going to Mount Kinabalu or the East Coast (Sandakan, Tawau...) will pass by. We stopped at Kedai Makan dan Kopi Keng Swee Hing which serves the famous mee goreng tamparuli, or simply mee tamparuli. We also ordered fried mee sua (mee hun's cousin, instead of rice flour, mee sua made from wheat flour) as recommended by the lady boss there.

Kedai Makan dan Kopi Keng Swee Hing owned by Hailam people

They actually copied the article from a newspaper review, enlarged and framed it on the wall!

Pumpkin pau

Braised pig's ear... >.<

Kopi ice

This is the mee tamparuli (RM4.50)

Fried Mee Sua (RM5.50)

Foods: 15/20 
Drinks: 14/20
Environment: 14/20
Service: 16/20 
Price: 16/20

Daily Breakfast and Lunch


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