Saturday, 27 August 2011

Mee Tamparuli @ Kedai Makan dan Kopi Keng Swee Hing, Tamparuli

Some people telling me mee tamparuli and mee tuaran are different, I can't agree unless somebody can show me the real mee tamparuli haha! The noodle are similar: first, they are famous for "hand-made" (nah~~don't bluff me!!!), the noodle are egg noodle, and springy. Even mee tuaran from different stall taste different depends on the way they cook, but the core -- the noodle is more or less similar.

Me and BigFish drove up to Tamparuli, the little township where travellers going to Mount Kinabalu or the East Coast (Sandakan, Tawau...) will pass by. We stopped at Kedai Makan dan Kopi Keng Swee Hing which serves the famous mee goreng tamparuli, or simply mee tamparuli. We also ordered fried mee sua (mee hun's cousin, instead of rice flour, mee sua made from wheat flour) as recommended by the lady boss there.

Kedai Makan dan Kopi Keng Swee Hing owned by Hailam people

They actually copied the article from a newspaper review, enlarged and framed it on the wall!

Pumpkin pau

Braised pig's ear... >.<

Kopi ice

This is the mee tamparuli (RM4.50)

Fried Mee Sua (RM5.50)

Foods: 15/20 
Drinks: 14/20
Environment: 14/20
Service: 16/20 
Price: 16/20

Daily Breakfast and Lunch


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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Wukka Cafe @ Tawau

Oh man!!! I was spending hours looking for the contact details of this cafe in Tawau, but still clueless. They don't have any website, nor FB account. So it would be nice if someone from Tawau could just suggest to the owner to do so, or if anyone have the details please give it to me, ok? I definitely want to share Wukka Cafe with all my foodiot readers =)

I found this cute-looking cafe during one of my outstation trip in Tawau last month, its kind of cafe that rarely find in Sabah, so without a doubt I decided to have my dinner here!

Wukka, means HOME in Hakka dialect, located same row with the new Shervinton Hotel

Assorted cakes (they got premium ice cream too!)

Nespresso bullet, different color means different type of coffee

Minimalised espresso maker

Cafe Roma (choose from 12 types of available coffee types) (RM9.90)

Seafood Pasta with Squid Ink Noodle (RM?) I can't recall the price as well, damn! I never try Squid Ink Noodle before so I found this interesting. I was expecting some "fishy smell" but fortunately the aroma and taste was fantastic! Squid and prawn were fresh too! Slightly chewy but well balanced with the noodle. Thumbs up!

Da-bao (take-away) a slice of cake from Wukka Cafe, Green Tea with Red Bean. The taste is good but red bean is a bit too hard from the inside of the bean. The red bean is tasteless as well, should use the smaller type of red bean.

Foods: 17/20 (Thumbs up for the noodle)
Drinks: 14/20 (Use only Branded Fresh Milk when making coffee, it tastes and looks different, trust me!)
Environment: 19/20 (Very cute-looking design, comfy, clean)
Service: 14/20 (A bit slow and unattentive lor...)
Price: 14/20 (OK-OK)

Lunch /Dinner (until 9.30pm)

CONTACTS (updated:24/9/2011):
TB 231, Lot 8, Ground Floor,
Bangunan MAA, Fajar Complex,
Tawau, Sabah


Same row as Shervinton Hotel, opposite Herritage Hotel


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Saturday, 6 August 2011

1 1/2 Miles Market @ Sandakan

People in Sandakan don't use kilometer, instead they are still using miles (batu in Malay) to describe a location! For example, Batu 4 (Mile 4) for Bandar Indah and so on. Thanks to my client in Sandakan, I found this delicious noodle stall at the marketplace at 1 1/2 Miles, nearby Clinipath. Strictly non-halal.

Assorted additions to the noodle including Fish Ball, Pidan (century egg) Dumpling, Hakka Fried Pork...etc.RM4.

Another bowl with slightly different combination.

Location = just beside the roundabout
Foods: 19/20
Drinks: 18/20
Environment: 16/20
Service: 18/20
Price: 19/20 (Cheap!)

Serves Breakfast & Lunch

1 1/2 miles Market, near Elopura Roundabout


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