Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Vietnamese Coffee @ Origin Cafe, Karamunsing Capital ***CLOSED***

How many types of coffee brewing techniques do you know? The first image came out on my mind was an old uncle making "kopi-O-kaw" using a cloth as the coffee filter? Or expensive, pressure driven Espresso Machine? How about the elegant Syphon? Coffee Dripper? Perhaps, ice drip coffee? And not to forget, instant coffee...

I managed to sampled Vietnamese coffee at Origin Cafe, KK here. Its ideally located at the happening Karamunsing Capital, gives alternative to diners who don't wish to go to the regular (pronounce: "bo-ring") kopitiam franchise.


Its very easy to prepare Vietnamese coffee. Basically it comprises of 3 parts: filter, coffee press, and the lid. First, put the filter on top of a cup that can be fitted on. Add a spoonful of grounded coffee to the filter, screw the coffee press to the filter and add hot water. Put the lid on and enjoy seeing the dripping process which normally takes about 5-10 minutes. The good thing about Vietnamese coffee? You don't have to know rocket science to make a cup of coffee. No need to attend barista course, no need to dig out your PMR text book for re-learn how to use "Penunu-Bunsen"... Compare to paper filter, the Vietnamese coffee filter is made of stainless steel that you can wash it after use.

A corner at Origin Cafe

3 types of coffee bean determine different level of bitterness

A corner at Origin Cafe

Hmmm... I can smell it


Sunday - Friday: 11am - 12 midnight
Saturday: 12pm - 1am

Lot G-0-1, Ground Floor Level,
Karamunsing Capital, Karamunsing
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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Anonymous said...

The shocking incident went viral. What do you choose to believe?

Love live Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I was looking for this place today but couldn't find it. I think it has closed down. Could you update the places/restaurants that you have reviewed in your blog whether they are still operating or no? I'm sure your readers including me would really appreciate it! Cheers mate :)

Frankie H said...

Hi there! Thx for dropping by foodiotkk! Sorry for the misled info... I will update 'em ASAP!


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