Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pak Man Resipi @ 88 Marketplace, KK

Pak Man Resipi Restaurant serves a variety of Malaysian Cuisine from around the country. The menu clearly listed out the "finalist" from each States, for example the Ayam Percik from Terengganu, Sup Kambing Berempah from Selangor, Udang Tumis Petai (Pahang), Opor Ayam (Kedah) and Nangka Rempah Beras which represent Sabahan's food. Their expertise's in Malaysian Cuisine but if you are up to something else, they do offer Western Food and many types of nasi goreng.

Pak Man Resipi, a Malaysian Cuisine or Malay-style restaurant in KK


Kaylan Sos Tiram (RM6.50)
We ordered set lunch for 6 person (RM105), which consist of 6 dishes, rice and fruits. We can choose from 26 types of the available dishes, however most of them are meat. 

Udang Tumis Petai (Penang)
I liked this!

Ikan Bawal Masak Kuah Lada (Melaka)

Nangka Rempah Beras (Sabah)
Very unique way of cooking can't find in other part of Malaysia I believe...

Rendang Sotong (Negeri Sembilan)
This is so weird, I thought "rendang" suppose cook dry, instead of Tomyum Soup looking?

Ayam Percik (Terengganu)
I am quite sure Ayam Percik don't looks like this, but the taste was so good!!!

The waiter preparing Bamboo Chicken

Ayam Masak Bambu (Sarawak)


Foods: 16/20
Drinks: 16/20
Environment: 14/20
Service: 15/20
Price: 14/20

Lot 10, Block J, Lorong Pusat Komersil 88/1,
88 Marketplace, 
Jalan Pintas 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


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Along said...

pak man the best...ow..

bac8310 said... tya bha..dimna bha tmpat pak man ni

Frankie H said...

Marketplace 88, kedai baru dekat Austral Park
Karamunsing Capital


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