Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mee Sup Pipin @ Penampang

Anyone can tell me what does "pipin" means?

Every city has its hidden gems, it is up to the people to discover. I enjoy trying new food although "another me"  always stopped me by telling: "What if the restaurant is not up to the standard?" "It might spoilt the dinner!" et cetera et cetera  Well, I promise my curiosity win the timid me to discover new and delicious food so expect more to come from FoodiotKK :-)

One weekend, I drive towards the direction to Tambunan from Donggongon town, my target is Mee Sup Pipin located merely 4KM from the Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. I got no idea what is this or what does "pipin" means, the only information I know is, this is STRICTLY NON HALAL they serve pork only! After your meter hit 3KM mark, carefully look at the right until you see the "Mee Sup Pipin" signboard. If you got a good eyesight you might be able to see the road sign "Jalan Tomposik" hiding behind the lamp post.

Careful look for this sign board along the road to Tambunan. It suppose on your 3 or 4 KM mark from the Klinik or Shell Station.

Quite difficult to see this road sign unless you really got good eyesight  = )

The restaurant is actually in the kampung area. Drive your car straight in, there are some parking space there.

There are 2 restaurants here, this is called Mee Sup Pipin, another one is Mee Sup Pipin 1... Perhaps they are the same?

You can find pork noodle and soup here.

Tafu stuffed with minced pork, must try!!!

Sup tulang - the taste is similar to the noodle's soup. Can skip it next time. (RM2)

Meehon Sup Pipin - with the pork slice, Char Sao, and Tawau spring roll. They soup is very salty because one of the  ingredient of the soup is the preserved cabbage, or "Dong Choy 冬菜" in Cantonese. Very salty, yet very popular! (RM4)

Kon Lo Mee Pipin (RM4) - the dried version
You can order all Zhu Zap (pork offal) but I don't really know how to appreciate it, so, meat and Char Sao is good enough for me. Nice!

We want to try the Bakas (wild boar meat) but the shy waitress told us that all men are too busy to go hunting during the Kaamatan weekend. Hope to try it during my next visit :)

Foods: 17/20 
Drinks: 17/20
Environment: 15/20 (Kampung house, but clean!)
Service: 15/20 
Price: 19/20 (Very cheap! If I'm not wrong my Kopi-ping only RM1!!! )

Daily breakfast & lunch

Jalan Tomposik, off Jalan Penampang-Tambunan 4km,
Moyog, Penampang.


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Anonymous said...

Pipin is the owner's name :)

Frankie H said...

icic, thanks for the info mate!


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