Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rumours Bistro @ KK Time Square

I was surprised that few of my clients actually follow my food blogs. One of them even suggested me to put the "Halal" or "Non-halal" tags, all together with the "Location Label" and "Type of Food Label" on top of every blog entry so that my Muslim readers would skip that part. Good suggestion! Seriously I would like to do so however I really don't know how to modify this template. Perhaps anyone know how to do it?

Back to the eating business :-)

If you ever want to fill your evening with some makan and then follow up with a couple of drinks, KK Time Square is the place for you. There are a few restaurants here, and Rumours Bistro is one of them which offers good western food and snacks. Just opposite of FireFly, the environment here is relax with bar music during the early evening and slowly switch to faster beat in the later. Not much selections on the menu but I trust its enough for lunch or dinner, similar to any other bistro-type restaurant.


A corner of Rumours

Ice Lemon Tea (RM6.90)

(Orange Juice RM7.90)

Mixed Salad (from my set dinner)
Less appealing and taste average, need to improve.

We then move to the main course:

Grilled Lamb Shoulder in Mint Sauce (RM22.90)
The marinate was quite unique, as you can see here, its full of lemon grass! Hmm... okok!

Grilled Salmon Set Dinner (RM32)
The flavour is almost the same as the lamb, I think the chef only left lemon grass in the kitchen! Haha... kidding~~

Grilled Sirloin Set Dinner (RM36)
Less lemon grass this time thanks to black pepper sauce, and I actually liked this! I have to agree that the chef here really know their meat, and know how to cook according to customer's request. This is the fundamental of western cooking. I strongly recommended to go for "medium" if you think you can trust the restaurant or the chef!

Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream (from the set dinner)
This is a good one, warm chocolate with cold ice cream.

Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 15/20
Environment: 17/20
Service: 15/20
Price: 16/20

They Serve:
Snacks, Lunch & Dinner

Facebook Page


G H-45-G Jalan Off Coastal Highway,
Block H, KK Time Square,
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(Opposite FireFly Bar)


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Foody-Licious♑ said...

is this place still operated?

Frankie H said...

Hi Foodylicious, I don't think so...


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