Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mosaic @ Hyatt Regency Hotel, KK

To Ms. BigFish who is going under a knife tomorrow,

I warn you to get well soon, else I will eat your favourite durian and lokan bakar with another pretty girl :D  But I am sure you will recover soon after your appendix is removed, and all the pain that you suffered all this while will disappear together with the lil' naugty one. And I promise here I will tell a lots of jokes after you awake from GA kakakaka!!!!

Love you (and only you) always,
Mr. TomatoTree

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It's my girlfriend's birthday few weeks ago and I decided to bring her to a extraordinary birthday dinner. First, she need to cook her own food on her birthday night, while looking at me enjoying my char-grilled prime meat without the hassle. Then after the dessert, she will be given a special hand-crafted anime character cupcakes which I trusted nobody ever did before.

We went to Mosaic Restaurant and Bar at Hyatt Regency Hotel, KK town here. The restaurant is adjacent to the famous Shenanigan's Terrace Bar, and opposite of the Upperstar Restaurant. There are only a few tables here so the environment here is quite quiet, very suitable for a romantic birthday dinner or date.
FOR GUYS: However, it's up to the lady to judge whether its romantic or not... =.=

BigFish playing with the cordless electronic candle

"Weewangwang Weewangwang~"
Miracle egg please gain me wealth and health, kekeke~~

BigFish & I


And after....
Mixed Grilled Combo (salmon, chicken and beef) for RM48

Sirloin Steak with chips and salad for RM55
Very juicy and well seasoned. I believed the restaurant simply use premium quality meat to ensure the food here meet customer's high expectation.

14 selections of home-made ice cream!

Belgium Chocolate

Blueberry Ice cream
The ice cream is very smooth and has the same quality as BR31 : )
Especially good during a hot day!!!

Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 16/20
Environment: 19/20
Service: 19/20
Price: 16/20

Business Hour:
10.00am - 11.00pm


Jalan Datuk Salleh Sulong, 88991,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



View Hyatt Regency Kinabalu Hotel in a larger map

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BigFish's birthday cake is a box of Usavich Character Cupcakes, made by Boutique Cupcakes
This cupcakes specialist literally accept any custom made character / design as long as you book several days in advance.

Happy birthday to you again, my dear BigFish! 

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