Friday, 6 May 2011

Masarap Filipino Cuisine @ Lintas Square, KK

I found Filipino Cuisine interesting to blog about because of its uniqueness in flavor and the blend of many types of foods from different cultures. Philippines is a Catholic country but the majority in the Southern islands are Muslim, therefore we can expect some difference in their food. On the other hand, due to influences from the Chinese and Malay Archipelago, the food here always have the fusion of both. My supplier from the Philippines once told me that she is not new to Kudat rice cracker or Sambal Fish because back to Manila there they have something similar to our version!

If you ever been to a German restaurant you must have heard or tried the famous Pork Knuckle. Similarly you cannot miss this dish from a Filipino restaurant! I was learnt that the Western greatly influenced the Filipino Cuisine not to forget they underwent the Colonial Era and these foreigners then deeply shaped the recipe as we can see / taste today.

Big Fish and I decided to dine at Masarap, the famous Pinoy restaurant in Sabah. I am quite confident that they are serving the original taste without alteration to the locals favour because: First, we are geographically  close to Philippines so there is no problem in getting the ingredient, furthermore we share some commonness in term of herbs or spices we use; Second, there are a lots of Pinoy here so they are the best people to evaluate a Filipino restaurant.

Masarap, the taste from the Philippines

Interior deco

Do you know that pork in Tagalog is Baboy? Almost sound like Babi, hehe

Valenciana Seafood (RM15, small)
With mussel, prawn and the Philippine's special pork sausage, the Longganisa.

Lechon Kawali (RN12, small)
This is actually deep fried crispy pork, dip with special sauce -- the Mang Thomas Sauce, something very native to the Spanish community I believe.

Sinigang Na Nipon (RM12)
This is the equivalent to the Thailand's Tom Yum Gong. It taste sour and a bit spicy.
I would said that this soup give a unique aroma, which I believe is due to the horseradish.

BigFish & I

Foods: 21/25
Drinks: N/A
Environment: 19/25
Service: 20/25
Price: 20/25

Business Hour:
10.30am - 10.30pm


Block B, Lot 13, Lintas Square,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


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buy and sell philippines said...

I love the this place perfect for Sunday gathering after attending the mass. The foods looks yummy and place is so nice I must try this place.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of this place if we go in a pax of 8 people (family)? Price range? It would be really a help coz I'm planning for my parents' 29th Anniversary. TQ.

Rizal Park In Sabah said...

Sana dumami pa ang branch nyo sa Sabah para maunite ang mga pinoy duon.,.,at mabawi ang sabah sa kuala lampur!!

Anne Thea Agoncillo Sode said...

I'm really drooling with the photos(food) that you post. I was browsing your blog cos I'm looking for a place to eat when I get to visit KK on August (birth month). While browsing I was hoping I could fine some Pnoy resto until I found this article!! I guess you're funny in person cos you narrate your "food-stories" in an exagg mode haha w/c is kinda cool. I only have question, how far is the Hotel Eden 54 on Gaya Street going to this place? Really appreciate if you could give me concrete details. Looking forward! Thanks. :)

Hewie said... this restaurant still open?
looking forward for more baboy..ehehe

Frankie H said...

Hi Hewie, the restaurant closed for business already....


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