Monday, 2 May 2011

Lokan Panggang & Coconut Pudding @ Sulaman, KK

Lokan Panggang, or grilled fresh water clam is one of the famous food around Sulaman area, merely 25 minutes drive from KK town or 10 mins from the Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort or Tuaran Town. There are more than 10 food stalls here, all selling similar Lokan Panggang, Coconut Pudding, Fresh and Baked Coconut. If you think every stall's Lokan Bakar taste the same, you are wrong! At least I'd tried 3 different stalls here and all tasted differently.

What's makes the difference? It's the sauce! Not the dipping one but the special blend of ginger, turmeric, lemon grass and others used to cook together with the clam.

This is the looks of live lokan, or fresh water clam. Depends on the size, a pile of clams cost around RM10-RM15. You just decide which size you want, and the people here will take care of the rest.
They may use any material they could find to cook. Like this one, just a piece of steel put on top of wood fire.

 This guy throw away the half shell
You can find more than 10 simple wooden food stall here.
This one is called Gerai Sudi Mampir.
 Ready to serve!
 Its the special sauce which give lokan panggang the taste
 Fresh young coconut (RM2.00)

Don't miss the coconut pudding in coconut shell (RM4.50). Also available in cup (RM4)

Just a reminder for those who have weak stomach, that is, if you cannot stand slightly "dirty" food (these clam live in the mangrove area or river side, it could be nearby the villages which they throw their... directly onto the river), please don't eat this! Mild food poisoning is very common so please make up your mind before you try. For those strong people like me: go ahead! Lokan panggang is really delicious and definitely worth to risk your stomach! But I will only go there when I really craving for it, probably once a year?

"If you are coming here for Mount Kinabalu, please arrange your lokan panggang tasting trip after the climb."


View Lokan Bakar @ Sulaman in a larger map

KK → UMS → 1 Borneo Hypermall → turn left on traffic light → UiTM → Sepanggar → 3 o'clock turn at round-a-bout → Politeknik KK → 9 o'clock turn at round-a-bout → REACH!!!


Unknown said...


Which stall you always go?


Frankie H said...

Hi Gary, everytime I go I always tries different stalls but if you are asking which stall was this picture taken? Its the second or third stall on the left with that particular banner. Not too sure if it's still exist tho...

Kit Han said...

How I can contact with tauke? Can I have his number?

Frankie H said...

Hi Kit Han, sorry I don't have the contact number.
But if you are going to that specific place, then you will see more than 20 stalls selling similar food. Just pick any stall which you think is OK, the rest is purely luck :)

Unknown said...

Hi, TsinDee here. Do you know the operating hours for the stalls? Do they open during Friday noon?

Unknown said...

Hi, TsinDee here. Do you know the operating hours of the stalls? Do they open during Friday noon?

Frankie H said...

Hi @chowcindy Sorry for late reply. I am pretty sure these stalls open everyday after 12PM. Some of them open as early as 9AM!


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