Sunday, 22 May 2011

Kitchen Boulevard @ 88 Marketplace

Having heard about this newly opened restaurant at 88 Marketplace here on a several occasions, finally BigFish & I decided to give it a try on one weekend. It's good to try out new stuff or food, no?

Kitchen Boulevard's Co-owner, Andrew told us that they actually yet to launch the restaurant (by the time we visited here 2 weeks ago) as they are still doing some fine tune for the menu and decoration. I was seeing the interior designer still doing some minor works at the second floor. Hmm... does that mean they are still learning how to cook? Of course not! :D

As usual, photo session before the meal ♥
I like the brick wall! We was told that got people booked the restaurant for pre-wedding photo shooting!

Caesar Salad (RM5.70)

Grilled Lamb Shoulder with Mushroom Mustard Sauce and Potato Wedges (RM13.90)

Spaghetti Meatball (Beef) (RM8.90)

We started off with the fresh carrot apple mixed juice (RM6) and a plate of Caesar salad for extra fiber. Caesar salad was alright, as long as the leaves are fresh and crispy. and no "Lady's Choice Mayonnaise" please. Extra points if shredded Parmesan and fresh grounded pepper are available. BTW I am using Grana Padano at home if you wish to grate or shave your own Parmesan cheese, its a good substitute since a whole-piece Parmesan is quite difficult to find sometimes and very expensive.

Grilled Lamb Shoulder also not bad, the portion was big and its simply cheap for a dinner, which was only RM13.90 came together with a choice of wedges or fries, and some green. The potato was well seasoned and lightly coated for deep fried and I eventually finished off the wedges first! Meatball spaghetti was however just newly introduced to the menu during our visit. The taste was OK and the spaghetti was perfect, but we found the meatball was way too soft (should it be more precise if I use the word: too "lembik"?). We told Andrew that meatball should be more chewy. Maybe too much starch flour or cheese was added? I suggested.

BigFish & I enjoy the food and environment here, definitely will come again for more exploration.

Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 17/20
Environment: 17/20
Service: 16/20 (new restaurant, still got room for improvement)
Price: 18/20 (cheap and value for money)

016-5530992 (Floor Manager)
016-8120888 (Andrew)

Lot No. 6, GF, Block E,
88 Marketplace,
Lorong Pusat Komersil 88/2,
Jalan Pintas 88300 Kota Kinabalu,

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Anonymous said...

A bit inefficient, waited one whole hour for my "fish & chips", nearly cancelled my order, but the food came right after I cancelled it. If your chefs are going to church, i understand, but please hire more part-time chefs, please

Anonymous said...

Food : The food is tasteless!
Price : Too pricey and not worth for the food.
Services : The food took forever to reach our table and we r the only customer.
Environment : Boring. No music. TV is spoil~

Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 17/20
Environment: 17/20
Service: 16/20 (new restaurant, still got room for improvement)
Price: 18/20 (cheap and value for money)

P/S : seriously???

Frankie H said...

hey dude~ thanks for your comment
My review was based on my visit around May 2011,
never been there again this year so I really got no idea what's going on there! Anyway wish you can find a better (and useful) food comment from me. Thanks for visiting again =)

DHAMMIKA said...

is tis halal or non-halal? thanks!

Frankie H said...

hi Dhammika, I think this restaurant no more in business...


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