Wednesday, 20 April 2011

La Fuente @ 1Borneo

La Fuente is a tapas bar at 1Borneo Hypermall, KK here, but I only managed to sampled their 4 course meal, not tapas. Should give it a try later but definately not so soon because KK got too many new restaurants to discover! I think, it make sense for me to write a new blog for KK Food alone due to its geographically and culturally unique here. Simply sharing, someone might find FoodiotKK useful later! HAHA!!! 
Honestly, I never see this tapas bar before this day because for me, 1Borneo is just another shopping centre to watch movie or to shop at Parkson. Never really done window shopping here, HA! 
Live performance. We sit a bit far from the stage because the table nearby there are all smoking area. Unfortunately around our table here which is non-smoking area, the waiters actually allowed people smoke. If they cannot stick to the rule then why set it earlier? I wanted to complain but decided to leave them alone, don't want to spoilt my night.
I like this angle
 La Fuente, means the fountain...
 Soft Shell Crab - oriental style cooking, I think the chef shouldn't include this as their entree~
 Beet root cream with garlic toast~ well seasoned, nice!
 Super expensive mineral water, guess how much a bottle? See below for answer.
 Main course #1: Rack of Lamb, served with roasted pumpkin and rosemary sauce
The lamb was overcooked... but the taste was alright.
 Pan Fried Sea Bass served with asparagus grilled and Béarnaise sauce. I particularly liked this Béarnaise sauce, its very creamy-rich butter, with strong hints of herbs. I'd googled the recipe and would like to try to make it for a steak sandwich, nice? 
Foods: 14/20
Drinks: 14/20
Environment: 16/20
Service: 13/20
Price: 13/20

Business Hour:
12pm - 12am

G-816, Ground Floor, 1Borneo Hypermall
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 88400


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how much was the bottled water?


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