Sunday, 3 April 2011

Yu Cafe @ Jalan Kolam, Luyang

Yu Cafe just opened last Nov or Dec, located beside the famous Luyang Restaurant. At first, I was looking for a coffee break on a sleepy afternoon and decided to give it a try. However their beverage instrument was not ready yet by that time, but I shall be able to tell you next time because Yu Cafe's pastry worth a re-visit!

Yu Cafe's is a family run business offers simple breakfast and 'chap fan' (rice with a few types of dishes to choose from) but their specialty is the pastry. I particularly likes the Chicken Pie here, the butter skin is so crispy and the pie's fillings so juicy. The mini cheese tart taste good too but it's a bit overpriced.
On the left: Luyang Police Station
Right: Luyang Restaurant 
 Left: Sardine Puff (RM1.50)
Right: Chicken Pie (RM2.00)
 Very juicy filling
 Blue Berry Cheese Tart (RM1.50)
 Not so much of choices, but their chicken pie really good. Yu Cafe don't make their pastry 
in bulk, they will just baked in small quantity until sold out to make sure the pastry's freshness.

Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 14/20
Environment: 14/20
Service: 14/20
Price: 16/20

Business Hour:
Offers Breakfast, Lunch and Tea

Near Luyang Restaurant, Jalan Kolam, Luyang
(Turn left before Petronas)

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Anonymous said...

and nowadays.. the taste of food for this cafe is getting worse.. what i means is the taste is not like the 1st time when i'm having my meal there..

Anonymous said...

Did you try the ice blended lime juice?'s delicious n refreshing...Yum Yum...


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