Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Jai Ho Bollywood Cafe @ Lintas Plaza, KK

First, lets watch this video before we begin a gastronomy journey to India:

《Slumdog Millionaire》 theme song <Jai Ho>

Jai Ho!

Indian population in Sabah is relatively small compare to West Malaysia but this doesn’t stop people who are serious in Indian food to open up a restaurant here. Instead of a normal restaurant, Jai Ho positioned to serve in Bollywood style. That is, the restaurant is painted with pictures of Bollywood stars, the TV there always playing Bollywood movie, and they serve food which Bollywood star would eat...

Don't look at me like this ---> (=.=)    lah! I am telling you the truth what!  

Located at Lintas Plaza, the row facing next to the golf range I think

Do you know them? Are you a fans of Hindi movie? I only know Datuk Shahrukh Khan (second on the left) and Amisha Patel (the girl on the left... I'm not too sure actually)

Their face also appeared on the menu

You ever try shisha? Its also called a water pipe or water smoke. Flavor available: Strawberry, mint, apple and cherry. RM27.90 with 2 soft drink.
Please ask for more of this! Very crispy cracker!
Very Rich Indian Ice Coffee (RM7.90)
Mango Lassi (RM6.90)

Clockwise from leftJeera Rice (RM5.90), Saag Paneer (RM11.90) and the Chef's Specialty "Bollywood Lamb Shank Curry" (RM15.90)
Instead of white rice or the well known Briyani, we decided to try the Jeera Rice. If not mistaken, they use Basmati rice which has the characteristic aroma and long shape. The rice was prepared with Cumin Seed and other herbs, the word "Jeera" actually means Cumin Seed in Hindi.
We also ordered Cheese Naan (RM6.50) and it met our highest expectation!
Saag Paneer is a "must try" if you are new to Indian Cuisine. Its actually spinach cooked with cheese. Very creamy and cheesy you will never know that its actually a vegetable dish!
Chef's Specialty "Bollywood Lamb Shank Curry", 
Kali Mirchi (Black Pepper) Chicken Tikka (RM15.90)
A dish with very rich flavour because the chicken was marinated in yogurt (sour), black pepper (spicy) and all kind of herbs and spices. Definitely my favourite dish of the night!
Happy couple had a great gastronomy journey again! Love it!

Foods: 19/20
Drinks: 19/20
Environment: 19/20
Service: 18/20
Price: 15/20


Block F, Ground Floor, Lot 4-0,
Lorong Lintas Plaza 4,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Qing Zhou Xiao Cai Home Cafe (Taiwanese Porridge) @ Bundusan

Sometime plain doesn't mean simple. This Taiwanese Porridge at Bundusan offers not only plain porridge, but a varieties of dishes together with the porridge. You can find small portions of Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Egg, Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetable ("Mui Choy"), Tomato Fried Egg, Honey Pork Rib...etc.

Menu. These are just part of it.
Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Egg (RM7)
Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetable ("Mui Choy")
Rice Porridge cooked with Potato makes the porridge very sweet, RM2 per head count
Salted beancurd
Braised Pork in Soysauce("Dong Bo Rou")
Pan Fried Pork with Seaweed
Interesting poster from Taiwan

Foods: 19/20
Drinks: 16/20
Environment: 17/20
Service: 17/20
Price: 17/20


Near Bundusan Hotel


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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

La Fuente @ 1Borneo

La Fuente is a tapas bar at 1Borneo Hypermall, KK here, but I only managed to sampled their 4 course meal, not tapas. Should give it a try later but definately not so soon because KK got too many new restaurants to discover! I think, it make sense for me to write a new blog for KK Food alone due to its geographically and culturally unique here. Simply sharing, someone might find FoodiotKK useful later! HAHA!!! 
Honestly, I never see this tapas bar before this day because for me, 1Borneo is just another shopping centre to watch movie or to shop at Parkson. Never really done window shopping here, HA! 
Live performance. We sit a bit far from the stage because the table nearby there are all smoking area. Unfortunately around our table here which is non-smoking area, the waiters actually allowed people smoke. If they cannot stick to the rule then why set it earlier? I wanted to complain but decided to leave them alone, don't want to spoilt my night.
I like this angle
 La Fuente, means the fountain...
 Soft Shell Crab - oriental style cooking, I think the chef shouldn't include this as their entree~
 Beet root cream with garlic toast~ well seasoned, nice!
 Super expensive mineral water, guess how much a bottle? See below for answer.
 Main course #1: Rack of Lamb, served with roasted pumpkin and rosemary sauce
The lamb was overcooked... but the taste was alright.
 Pan Fried Sea Bass served with asparagus grilled and Béarnaise sauce. I particularly liked this Béarnaise sauce, its very creamy-rich butter, with strong hints of herbs. I'd googled the recipe and would like to try to make it for a steak sandwich, nice? 
Foods: 14/20
Drinks: 14/20
Environment: 16/20
Service: 13/20
Price: 13/20

Business Hour:
12pm - 12am

G-816, Ground Floor, 1Borneo Hypermall
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 88400


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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lucy's Kitchen @ 88 Marketplace, KK

I am still a bit confused with the name of the commercial centre where this restaurant located. Please SKIP this part and go direct to the food photo if you are not from KK, or got no idea where this Taman-taman are, I will try to explain here...

People told me the place is called Seri Kepayan, but later on I found that it applies only to the older shops,
where the "Terminal 3 Karaoke" is. Another suggestion even worst, he keep argued with me that this area is called Austral Park, which is a BIG NO. Of course, I did check with my buddy, Mr. Google Map, together with the Location Service from my iPhone, and they told me precisely that Lucy's Kitchen is located at Taman Ridgeview...OK, I am happy with Seri Kepayan, where most KK-ites might know of it.
Problem solved, the boss there told me that this place is called 88 Marketplace....
So now let's continue with my food review.

The newly opened Lucy's Kitchen

Chilled 3-Layered Milk Tea with Cincau (RM4.90). Good especially during hot afternoon.
Lucy's homemade Nyonya Kuih
Braised Duck with Rice (RM9.90)
Lamb Chop, one of a good one in town (I didn't say its the best one haha, RM14.90).
Basmati Rice with Grilled Chicken
Well marinated whole leg and grilled until turn gold. Better than many Mamak's Tandoori.
I like the sambal
Local Pasta with Seafood
The name 'local' already suggested that you are going to get something different than the pasta from Little Italy or Bella Italia. This spaghetii is a fusion between a creamy carbonara and mee curry. Must try!
Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 17/20
Environment: 16/20
Service: 16/20
Price: 16/20

Business Hour:
Lunch, Dinner - til late



Lot 10, Ground Floor, Block H, Lorong Pusat Komersil 88/1
88 Marketplace,
Off Jalan Pintas Penampang
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 88300

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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cawan Malaysian Delights @ Jalan Bundusan, KK

Thinking the ways for dinner on an average Sunday evening? Where you probably don’t want to eat too heavy, or you proffered something Local? Or simply don’t have any idea where to eat?  I recommend Cawan Malaysian Delights at the newly renovated Hotel Bundusan, Jalan Bundusan here.

I found this “Old Town Kopitiam” -style restaurant when I was on my way to Taiwan Porridge, somewhere nearby. It’s not that difficult to find the ways for any KK-ites, if you know where the Beverly Apartment is.

As its name suggest, this café-style restaurant offers Local Food. You can expect Mee Laksa, Soto, Nasi Lemak, or even something lighter like Roti Bakar… etc from the menu. Not too many choices available on the menu but don’t forget we are looking for something “light”, right? We decided to tried their Beef Soto (Noodle in Beef Broth) and a Rendang Bun. For drinks, our choices were Lime Juice and ABC.

 They do offer Cup Cakes in 3 different sizes, S, M & L haha!!!
 Lime Juice (RM6.80). Standard cafe lime juice at the prime price, no complain.
ABC (RM7.50). As you can see, lots of sweet corn, red beans, cendol and cincau. Good syrup.
 This is the Rendang Bun (RM12.90), which they cut out a hole in a big 6 inches bun, and filled with Rendang Chicken. The chicken not bad though but the bun was a so-so. You know, it's like those kind of dinner bun you can get from Giant Hypermarket, just this was a much bigger one. At least change it to a Southern Bakery one la~
 Beef Soto with Meehun (RM10.80). Nothing special.

 Cawan is just located beside the Bundusan Hotel, not difficult to find parking during evening. Average dining experience but excellent in term of cleanliness. A good place for casual business lunch / tea or  a calm evening with your loved ones.

Foods: 15/20
Drinks: 16/20
Environment: 17/20
Service: 14/20
Price: 15/20

Business Hour:
Offers Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Lot 2, 3 and 4, Wisma WTT,
Jalan Bundusan, 88300 Penampang

088-714424 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            088-714424      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Yu Cafe @ Jalan Kolam, Luyang

Yu Cafe just opened last Nov or Dec, located beside the famous Luyang Restaurant. At first, I was looking for a coffee break on a sleepy afternoon and decided to give it a try. However their beverage instrument was not ready yet by that time, but I shall be able to tell you next time because Yu Cafe's pastry worth a re-visit!

Yu Cafe's is a family run business offers simple breakfast and 'chap fan' (rice with a few types of dishes to choose from) but their specialty is the pastry. I particularly likes the Chicken Pie here, the butter skin is so crispy and the pie's fillings so juicy. The mini cheese tart taste good too but it's a bit overpriced.
On the left: Luyang Police Station
Right: Luyang Restaurant 
 Left: Sardine Puff (RM1.50)
Right: Chicken Pie (RM2.00)
 Very juicy filling
 Blue Berry Cheese Tart (RM1.50)
 Not so much of choices, but their chicken pie really good. Yu Cafe don't make their pastry 
in bulk, they will just baked in small quantity until sold out to make sure the pastry's freshness.

Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 14/20
Environment: 14/20
Service: 14/20
Price: 16/20

Business Hour:
Offers Breakfast, Lunch and Tea

Near Luyang Restaurant, Jalan Kolam, Luyang
(Turn left before Petronas)

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