Sunday, 20 March 2011

Restoran Lok Kyun @ Tuaran

In my previous post I've covered some story about Tuaran Mee, here another good one.

Restoran Lok Kyun (乐群酒家) is located in the middle of Tuaran Town. I am not quite sure how long has this restaurant exist but few of my Sabahan friends have been telling me that there is one "must try" restaurant in the "old shop" area (to differentiate with the newly built shop lot) offers the best Tuaran Mee. Some people even said this is the origin of Tuaran Mee. But since no one can actually tell me the name of the restaurant, I assumed this is it. So here we go:

 This is how the Restoran Kok Kyun looks like
 Written in chinese: Famous Tuaran Mee
TV Host Ah Xian also came before!
Cili padi ~~ must be very hot!
 Taro (Yam) Pork (RM13)
We arrived around 11am and this already the last plate!!!
 Every bite of the meat or yam is so soft and succulent! Yummy!!!
Fried Mee Tuaran with chicken, pork and sliced spring roll. (RM6)
Thumbs up!

Foods: 18/20
Drinks: 16/20
Environment: 15/20
Service: 16/20
Price: 18/20


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Fun Food Corner said...

Hi....I wanna try this mee...looks yummy...

Angie said...

Hi, I'm researching for foodie places in KK as we'll be visiting KK in April for 3 days.
Could I pls have the address of this eating place?
Thank you

RevGray said...

Im Tuaranian and i can vouch for Lok Yun, the shop has been in existance for as long as i can remember . It serves one of the best tasting Tuaran Mein in Tuaran. But, nowadays i prefer frequenting a shop call Tuaran Mee ( the block opposite the new dewan) , the cook there was the old cook from Lok Yun who parted way with his bos and open up his own kedai.

Frankie H said...

I know that Tuaran Mee~ being tried few times actually but haven't put it in the blog yet~ Thx for the reminder dude!


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