Sunday, 27 March 2011

Party Play Lifestyle Cafe @ Lintas Plaza

BigFish and I tried out the Party Play Lifestyle Cafe at Lintas Plaza, located just beside Salim 2 mamak stall and opposite of Tea Avenue. My first impression by the name of  a "Lifestyle Cafe" was something similar to Fullhouse in KL, where you can expect thoughful interior design, relaxed dining environment and the promote of good and healthy food.

Party Play is the first of its kind cafe in Sabah, where you can expect reasonably priced hotel-grade (I know, hotel's food sometimes dissappointing too! XD ) western and local food from here. It is no surprise when I read out the cafe's magazine-like menu, the owner is a French-trained chef and has been extending his cooking profile in many countries.

So, let's see how it go!

 The menu looks like a magazine! What an impressive cafe.
 Her drink
 A bowl of Caesar Salad (RM10)
 Cosy design
 Mushroom Pizza (RM24)
 It's full of cheese!
 Me and my BigFish

Foods: 17/20
Drinks: 18/20 (no plain soft drink here, they added with a zest of lime)
Environment: 19/20
Service: 17/20 (a bit slow when they are full house...)
Price: 18/20

Business Hour:
Offers Lunch & Dinner


Lot 21-0, Lorong Lintas Plaza 3,
Lintas Plaza 88300,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Restoran Lok Kyun @ Tuaran

In my previous post I've covered some story about Tuaran Mee, here another good one.

Restoran Lok Kyun (乐群酒家) is located in the middle of Tuaran Town. I am not quite sure how long has this restaurant exist but few of my Sabahan friends have been telling me that there is one "must try" restaurant in the "old shop" area (to differentiate with the newly built shop lot) offers the best Tuaran Mee. Some people even said this is the origin of Tuaran Mee. But since no one can actually tell me the name of the restaurant, I assumed this is it. So here we go:

 This is how the Restoran Kok Kyun looks like
 Written in chinese: Famous Tuaran Mee
TV Host Ah Xian also came before!
Cili padi ~~ must be very hot!
 Taro (Yam) Pork (RM13)
We arrived around 11am and this already the last plate!!!
 Every bite of the meat or yam is so soft and succulent! Yummy!!!
Fried Mee Tuaran with chicken, pork and sliced spring roll. (RM6)
Thumbs up!

Foods: 18/20
Drinks: 16/20
Environment: 15/20
Service: 16/20
Price: 18/20


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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Tuaran Mee Restaurant @ Tuaran

I've been trying my every effort to speed up the update of this newly created {foodiotkk}, while keeping my pace at my chinese food blog 美食、生活、番茄树 (The Life & Food of Tomatotree )
Well, its quite difficult to maintain as I too have my own busy daily schedule at work and life.

So, this is about the famous Tuaran Mee (or Mi Tuaran in Malay). I'm going to split it into 2 blog posts: this one is called the Tuaran Mee Restaurant, and the second one which I will post later: the even more famous Mee Tuaran from Restoran Luk Kyun.

If you are coming from the main road, Tuaran Mee Restaurant is located on your right. This row of shops are fairly new compared to those in town. Another hint is, you will see a Shell Station opposite the restaurant. See the map if not clear.

The sign board so big you won't miss it
 I ordered a plate of fried Tuaran Mee with BBQ Pork.

Tuaran Mee is the signature noodle of this tiny town, just merely 40km north of KK. Normally the noodle was fried in hot wok together with meat and egg, a rather simple cooking. According to a friend of mine, the noodle was named after the town because of a famous noodle factory here freshly produce noodle so springy compared to the ordinary yellow noodle. Eventually Tuaran Mee become a common dishes found around KK or west coast area. 
 For those who don't take pork, you can choose Mee Tuaran with Seafood.

Last Visit: Jan 2011

Foods: 15/20
Drinks: 15/20
Environment: 15/20
Service: 15/20
Price: 18/20


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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sailors' Cafe @ Plaza Grand Millennium

It's not new for me to dine at this small restaurant. Perhaps, I was already sampling out the menu even before their official launch! Sailors’ Cafe located at the second floor of Grand Millennium Plaza which is better  known as CKS Millennium, and is just a few doorstep from the famous Krishna’s curry fish head. It’s kinda weird for a restaurant to open up at the second floor due to poorer access to the premise, which means less people seeing it and fewer customers, but it is not always right! Sailors’ Café always have big crowd in there having parties especially in the evening. Regular diners like me do feel a bit pack sometimes due to the small restaurant but I think it’s alright as long I don’t have to wait too long for my food. 

Oh ya! The Sailors’ offers both western and local delicacies but I always prefer the first one especially the Fish and Chips and rack of lamb. They never disappoint me but need to keep up with the consistency of the quality of food. Hiccups were here and there nowadays but I still believe that the Sailors’ is among the best (and cheap) western food in town. Keep it up, Popeye! 

The sign board is a bit small but you won't miss it.
Sailor's theme decoration
 Premium meat weight in gram
 The kitchen. You can see if the chef really done the cooking or just some frozen take-away :D
 Wow! I love Rack of Lamb.
In Sailors' special marinate.
 Oh really?

 Eastern menu: Sweet and sour Lamb with rice
 Western Menu: Spaghetti Cabonara
 Ostrich Burger with chips
 Please don't tell me this is chillis~
Fish and Chips
 Terriyaki Beef ball

Returned visits: More than 10
Last visit: 25/2/2011

So here is the marks after so many visits....

Foods: 16/20
Drinks: 15/20
Environment: 18/20
Service: 12/20
Price: 18/20


Lot 36, 1st Floor, Plaza Grand Millennium,
Penampang Bypass,
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 88300


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