Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sushi Tei @ Suria Sabah

Finally one of the famous Singaporean sushi franchises hit the ground of KK. Having three outlets in KL before, Sushi Tei just opened its door not long ago at Suria Sabah here offering big variety of Japanese style cuisines. The menu book is so thick you won’t miss the sashimi served from freshly imported seafood (maybe catch locally, don’t forget we Sabah do export seafood, dude!) or hot food. 

Fishy and I manage to catch a day’s lunch here during my birthday to sample out our favourite delicacy. 
I set my expectation high for Sushi Tei for a few reasons: First, they are competing among other quick-expanding Singaporean Sushi Empire such as Sakae Sushi, Ichiban Boshi and Ministry of Food, therefore food’s standard must be there to stay top. Second, the quality of food must be equally high compare to their price tag, ideally. Let's see what Sushi Tei can offer a foodiot.
The restaurant is located at ground floor, at one end of the Suria Sabah.
 I should snap a photo of the thickness so that you guys can imagine.
 You can skip the wasabi
 Yes, Sushi Tei do have a conveying belt like others lah~
 Blah... Blah... Blah...Where is the food?  :-)
 Something haunted my mind after gone through a few pages of food...
I actually wanted to order this instead of the other one. Sad man...
Anything with Mentai Mayo sound good to me!
But instead of that, we ordered:
Soft Shell Crab Temaki (RM8.00)
A no-no for next order unless they can promise a crispy soft shell crab. 
Salmon Avocado Temaki (RM6.00)
Fishy said this is a perfect combination while I can't stop nodding my head to agree
hoping she will allow me to take another bite (staring like Puss in Boots) 
 Salmon Belly Sushi (RM6.00)
You will not miss anything with this piece of sushi as long as the salmon is fresh.
 Ebi Roll (RM6.00)
Not crunchy as it should be because we took the plate from the conveying belt. 
However the taste was excellent.
 Salmon Mentaiyaki (RM22.80)
Taste good but not something I'm after... 
 Ms. Fishy posing with fish  XD
 Dai Dai Roll (RM15.80)
Thanks to Fishy for making a right choice to order this, it is simply delicious
with the sweet mango cut inside the salmon roll, 
perfected with the slightly wasabi-ed Japanese mayonaise. Thumbs up!
 A closer look
 Ms. Fishy

So, its time to give marks to conclude the foodiot's review.

Foods: 4/5
Drinks: 3/5 
Environment: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Price / Value of Money: 4/5


Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
Lot G-68, Ground Floor,
1, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah



Anonymous said...

you should try their "volcano roll"~ which the cheese as sushi's topping.. i will put the sushi inside my mouth directly (yes,although the sushi is quite bigger than my mouth) but only this way you can feel the cheese is melt inside yours' mouth (this is my favourite)~ it cost RM8 for only 2 sushi.. but for me, it value for money~ ^^

Frankie H said...

Yeah I saw that too, but everytime I came here I am doubting the menu if sushi should have cheese on it XD
Thx for the recommendation, I shouldn't think twice next time!


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